Need Help Removing a Critter From Your Attic?

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If you don't know what to do about the squirrels or bats hanging out in your attic, turn to us. Freedom Wildlife Experts offers wildlife removal services in the Gastonia, Mt Holly, & Belmont, NC area. We'll start by thoroughly inspecting your attic, your living space and the area around your home. Then we'll locate entry points and determine if we should set traps. Next, we'll seal any entry points or potential entry points to keep the animals from getting into your home. You can count on us to use materials that match your home design when we're sealing up gaps.

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Details about what our team can do for you

You can count on us when you need:

  • Bat and squirrel removal services
  • Bird and flying squirrel removal services
  • Raccoon and skunk removal services
  • Snake and rat removal services
  • Possum and groundhog removal services
  • Beaver and chipmunk removal services
Learn more about our bat and squirrel removal services by calling us at 704-778-5347 now. You can also count on us for bat guano spot cleaning and sanitizing.